Thank you for being a friend


How many friends do you have? Not how many people sit with you at the lunch table, how many actual friends to you have? How many people do you have in your life that you can disagree with and still maintain a relationship? How many of them can you be completely honest with and still be friends? How many can you completely change the way you dress, or the music you listen to, or the sports you play and still keep your friends? How many friends to you have that could be incredibly mad at you but still stick up for you when some one says something against you? How many friends do you have would come closer when your life fell apart? How many friends do you have would still be around you if it wasn’t fun? How many friends would you trust to take care of your mom if something happened to you? Sometimes being a friend means you have to say things to people that aren’t fun, or aren’t easy, or don’t seem to be very nice. Sometimes being a friend means going through a fire that you didn’t start because your friend is stuck in it. Sometimes being a friend means fighting tooth and nail for some one you don’t like at the moment.  The Bible is full of friendships that weren’t easy like Jonathan and David, Jesus and John, you and God. Wait what? Yeah you and God. In fact the whole Bible is about God trying to keep the relationship he has with you even when its not fun or easy. God will always be your friend no matter what you change into. God will be your friend even when you aren’t a friend to God. Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we forget that there are very few people in the world that can be a friend the way God can and so we don’t seek out friends who are Godly. I have a very few friends that I would say are my true friends. The ones that will treat me like God treats me. The worst thing is sometimes we treat those people, who are friends to us like God is a friend to us, infinitely worse than the ones that will walk away when time get tough or tastes change. True friendship can outlast disagreements and hurt, but friendships like that are very hard to come by. Take some time and let those people that are your REAL friends know you appreciate them. Become the Target.



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