Ride the Lightening!


Have you ever noticed how many amazing things have happened in just your life time? Let’s take something as simple as cell phones. Think back to when you were 5 or 6 and the cell phones your parents used to have. IF they were lucky they had a cool looking flip phone but most of us just had a little candy bar of a phone. I can go further back to when cell phones used to be roughly the size, weight and shape of a brick. Go even FURTHER back and they used to be carried in something about the size of your gym bag. Now most of you have a phone in your pocket that is more powerful than the computer your parents had when you were 5.  All this has happened really fast. We discover new things every day and some of those things are just mind blowing if you stop to consider it. I mean just 2 years ago they were still making me turn off my MP3 player on the airplane and now you can get on the internet while flying through the air! Its AMAZING! Recently my nephew got his first lightsaber. Its a lot of fun watching him discover new things in his world, especially when its nerdy stuff like his dad and uncle. I wonder how much fun God has watching us discover things that he created. I wonder if He watches us find something he designed millions of years ago and realize just how amazing HE is because of it. I mean I can’t begin to tell you why a bunch of metal, plastic, and sand (that’s what a phone is made up of) let me watch movies in bed. I can’t tell you where electricity comes from or why it does what it does. I know I’m not the only one that looks up at a thunderstorm and isn’t amazed with how cool it is. Lightening has been around since way before cell phones and yet it still amazes us. Why then do we have a hard time believing that God’s word will be able to amaze and inspire us because its really old? The God that made lightening and even made your cell phone the way it is (if God hadn’t designed metal, plasic, and sand able to do all the things they do, they wouldn’t do it) wrote to you in this book. The words never change but there is something new to find everyday if you’ll just take the time to listen. God has not changed lightening since the creation of the world. Just because its ancient doesn’t mean its not exciting! Become the Target.



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