And now you know…


I think we’ve all heard the saying knowledge is power. While I agree with that saying I think that’s only half of it. Even G.I. Joe knew that knowing was only half the battle (most of you are too young for that and that makes me sad.) Knowledge is power, but so is electricity. If electricity isn’t focused, directed and used its only at least impressive and at the worst destructive. For electricity to be of any use it has to be limited and controlled. It’s no different with knowledge. Many people spend their whole Christian lives trying to gain knowledge of God’s word. They spend hours upon hours memorizing scripture and reading books about this history and meanings of the books of the bible. But if that’s as far as it goes then at most that knowledge is impressive and at worst destructive. I heard another saying that says knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit but wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. If you don’t add wisdom, the appropriate application of knowledge, you can end up doing a lot of damage. I know quite a few people who use their knowledge of the word to make others do what THEY think is right not what God says is right. It’s the problem that the Galatians were having with the Judiazers. The Judiazers KNEW more about God because they knew the old law. They used that knowledge to convince the Gentiles that they needed to follow the old law. Their knowledge took away the Galatians joy and turned them on someone they had once been willing to give up their own sight for. Knowledge isn’t a bad thing just like electricity isn’t a bad thing, IF it’s used appropriately. Seek to add wisdom to whatever knowledge you manage to gain while you live on this earth. Become the Target


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