What is it worth to you?


This week a local Jewish school had to give up it’s championship dreams because their next game was scheduled on a Saturday. Some said that the Beren Academy could have easily won the state championship in basketball but because their next playoff game was scheduled on the Sabbath they chose to forfeit. Of course before that the school tried to get the league to reschedule their game but when that failed they stepped out of the play offs. This decision made me very proud of that school. They could have easily said, “Well it is a play off game so we can make an exception this once. The kids have worked really hard to them and they have earned the right to be in the tournament it would be a shame for them not to be able to go just because its on a Saturday.” Instead they chose to say that while it is disappointing that they can’t continue, the commitment to God is more important. For Beren Academy the relationship with God was more important than a state championship. I know it wasn’t an easy decision for anyone involved, and I’m sure there are some of the players that are mad and think its stupid. But from the reports I have read they are disappointed in the decision not to play they are disappointed that the game couldn’t be rescheduled. I have a lot of respect for those kids. Have you ever sat down and examined what’s more important to you, your commitment to God or your commitment to your team? It has always made me sad that some leagues choose to hold tournaments and games on Sundays, and I understand that not playing in them comes at a cost. The boys basketball team at Beren Academy was willing to give up a championship to honor God. Would you be able to give up a championship if it was on a Sunday? Become the Target!



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