It’s the end of the world as we know it


I know this will come as a shock but we aren’t supposed to be here. If you remember according to the Mayan calendar the world is supposed to end on December 21st of this year. I know guys I’m pretty panicked too. Then I found out that the end of the world actually occurred 7 MONTHS AGO?!?!?! It turns out that the Mayan calendar didn’t take leap years into account and as a result the date that time ran out for us was actually 7 months ago. Every year around November the tabloids start running stories about how there is some prediction by Nostradomus about how the world is going to end, and it makes you wonder what is the fascination with the world ending? My answer is that even the world knows time is limited. There is something that tells them that the world does indeed have an ending. Who knows the reason but I do know when the world is going to end. It’s going to end on the exact date that God says it will end, “for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” (I Thessalonians 5:2) And it would be nice to know what day that would be because then we could make sure that we had all our “ducks in a row” by that date. We could put off making those changes that really solidify our commitment to God until the last possible moment and still slide into heaven like we are stealing home (you are welcome Nathan). Maybe that’s why God won’t tell us when. Living life our own way only brings hurt, pain, and destruction. God has offered us a life that is full of love and joy if we will do things his way. So this December 21st don’t worry that your calendar will run out of days, that December 21st has come and gone. There is a day where there will be no more days, will you be ready for it? Become The Target.



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