Urgency is a requirement!


Have you heard about Trayvon Martin? He’s been in the news quite a bit lately and he was about your age. The truth of his story hasn’t come out yet but I do know what I have experienced of his story. I heard the tape of a couple of the 911 calls concerning him. One was from the man who killed him, the other from the people who lived in the house he was killed behind. The only one who knows what really happened that night is George Zimmerman, the many who shot Trayvon, and God so I can’t comment as to who is guilty of what. What I want to talk about is what I heard on the tape. I heard some one who was terrified and screaming for help. It made me wish I could crawl through the phone and do SOMETHING to help who ever was on the other end. There was a gunshot and then it was quiet. The finality of that moment cut my heart. If that was Trayvon who was screaming for help, his last moments were spent in abject terror. If it was George then reaction to that same level of terror forever changed his life as well. Hearing that tape was horrible for me and it made me think, would I have done anything had I been there? People in the apartment heard what was going on but were afraid to go out and help. And then I thought, what if we all could hear a call like that from the people we loved that aren’t in God’s family? What if we could hear the terror that was waiting for them? Would you do anything or would you be too afraid that you might become a victim of it to? I wish we understood just how drastic and imminent the end of earthly life was. I wish we respected that fact that our lives could end at any moment. I hope we can realize that if we really claim to be someone’s friend and don’t tell them about something that could save them from horrible fear, then we are terrible friends. Hope is only available here. Become the Target.



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