Things are always more tense in an election year but this year I think it is the most tense I have ever seen it.   I also think this is the most confusing year election year I have ever experienced as well. You have people on both sides coming out and saying things that sound true and sound scary. The problem is its impossible to know who is telling the truth.  There seems to be no problem with taking things people say out of context or to pick apart any small thing that some one has said and spin it in the worst possible light. Things have gotten so political that I would bet its even in your school. I bet there are teens who are claiming to know things that sound outrageous but are believable. Many people are expressing their opinions as fact when the truth of the matter is they really don’t know much about what they are talking about at all, they are talking about what they heard on TV or the internet. Its made things so confusing that its hard to know what the truth is. We do the same thing with God’s personality. We state our opinion as fact or we present ideas that we heard from friends or on the internet as truth. Just like with politics when we do that we muddy the water for people looking for truth. Luckily for us God gave us a handbook that has the truth in it. If you want to know the truth about who He is you have to read it. You have to get your opinions and information from that. Its impossible to tell who is telling the truth in politics. You don’t have to figure out whether God is telling the truth, its impossible for Him to lie. It is however possible for us to misrepresent Him by not taking the time to actually get to know Him. In some of our songs there is imagery of crystal clear streams coming from God, lets make it our goal not to muddy that water. Become the Target!



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