I’m supposed to consider THIS pure joy?


James started off his letter telling Christians to “consider it pure joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds…” But why? That’s kind of dumb. Why should I be joyful about going through tough times in my life? That’s not happy. That’s not something I enjoy. So why did James say something this seemingly ridiculous? Because Christians are supposed to be gluttons for punishment? No. Because inherently the Christian life is going to be harder? No. Then why? Because James knew that the closer your relationship with God got, the more that relationship would battle inside us against our sinful nature. There are quite a few people who will never have any struggles of a serious nature because they keep God at arm’s length. They keep the relationship with God on a clinical knowledge basis and never really let Him into the intimate places of their lives. Sometimes we try to avoid times of spiritual crisis, and while that is natural, these are the times where God is really giving our lives a deep cleaning. He’s asking us to lean not on what we think or what we think we know but on Him for security. There is a war inside us between God and our sinful nature. When I picture the Jesus in Revelation with the hem of his robe soaked in blood, in my mind it isn’t the blood of other people but the blood of my sinful nature being cut away from me. It is painful, it is hard, and it is scary, but when you come out on the other end of it your relationship with God has grown even closer. That’s why James says consider it joy, not because its fun, but because when those times of trial come on your relationship with God is growing closer and closer. Those times of trial mean you have allowed God into more of your life and for Him to stay there He has to cut out some of the stuff that was never supposed to be there in the first place. Consider it PURE JOY!!!! Become The Target



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