Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything!


Have you ever wondered why your siblings get on your nerves so bad? The answer is the same for the question of why your parents sometimes say “Is that my child?” A lot of times the things that annoy us most about people in our lives are when they do things that WE do and don’t like about ourselves for doing.  Like when they run around the house singing songs that bug us or when they dress in ways that make us afraid that people will know we are related to them. The things that bother us the most about other people are usually the things that bother us the most about ourselves. Usually we don’t respond very well to it because it something we unconsciously think about ALL the time and want to believe that it doesn’t exist. And then when the other people in our life do it, it just puts it in your face and does a little “deal with me” dance. Its easier to ignore that there is something that we need to change in our lives. This is especially rough if you are a parent or an older sibling because chances are, if they are doing something annoying that YOU used to do, they learned it from you. This is especially aggravating when it is something from your past that STILL embarrasses you. When that happens we usually aren’t real kind when we are trying to get the other person to stop the behavior.  How does God go about doing that in us? The only reason we feel the way we do about ANYTHING is because He gave us the ability to feel. I have a hard time imagining God reacting out of embarrassment to our behavior, though I’m sure some of the things we do wearing His name are embarrassing. Instead he kindly corrects. Next time your sibling does something that irritates you, stop before you react and examine yourself. If you are getting mad because you are embarrassed don’t take it out on them. In fact the kind thing to do would be to explain to them that you used to do that and explain how you feel now about it and you can save them from the same embarrassment. Become The Target!



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