Honesty. Honesty is the most illusive thing in the world today. The news always has a spin on the situations they report, politicians only tell people what they want to hear, and we lie everyday about the simplest of things. When was the last time you answered honestly when some one asked you how you were? I’ll go you one better and ask you when was the last time you asked that question expecting an honest answer. Usually when some one asks us how we are we reply with “fine” or “good” no matter how we are actually are doing. When we ask the same question those are really the only options we are ready for. “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips,” Proverbs 24:26. For such a short verse that says so much. Think about it, what if some one came up and unexpectedly kissed you on the lips. You would be in shock because you weren’t prepared for it. It wouldn’t necessarily be bad but it would catch you so off guard you wouldn’t know how to react. Imagine what would happen if you said, “Hey how are you doing,” and the reply was, “Well my parents are getting a divorce and so far it hasn’t been a real peaceful thing. All they do is yell at each other and complain to me about how terrible a person the other one is. I just feel in the middle and torn completely apart. Basically it just feels like my life is falling apart.” Or imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and some one asked, “How are you doing,” you reply with the obligatory “Fine” only to have them come back with, “No really, how are you doing?” In both situations I think we would be taken back and really not know how to respond. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing but it would be so unexpected it might be a bit unpleasant. The problem with being honest is people might actually find out we don’t have it all together and that things for Christians aren’t always good. Even worse they might actually have experience with it and try to help. It might be asking a lot to be honest in all things but next time you ask or answer try being honest. Become The Target.



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