Check yourself before you wreck your stuff….


I don’t know if its just cause I’m getting older but I am still incredibly sore and tired. I don’t know how you feet two days after work camp but this is how I feel. Quite a few of you were in my work camp family and so you might have already noticed this but I wanted to point out something I saw. Mrs. Delarosa seemed to have a very nice house. From the outside she seemed like she wasn’t really in need that bad. I even found out that she has 3 rental properties and a really nice Jaguar in her garage. Now from the outside you would wonder, why are we painting this woman’s house? As it turns out, the rental properties she owns are for her kids that have hit hard times, she rarely collects any rent. The Jag in her garage is the one extravagant thing she bought, after years of owning and operating a small convenience store in her neighborhood. Where if anyone needed food they could have it and pay when they had the money. As for how well kept her house was? Its easy, she takes care of what she was blessed with, and values it. Many in her community view her as the neighborhood mother, but to me she is a great example of what the Father does AND what He expects us to do. She has been blessed with many things, and she uses what she has been blessed with to help others. I got the impression that she would do anything she could to help some one in need, and hopes that they will value the blessing enough to take care of it. I’m sure it doesn’t always happen but that’s not what she’s concerned with. God gives us blessings, and just like Mrs. Delarosa, we should have a desire to fulfill our responsibility to use those blessings to bless other people, and to take care of those blessings we have been given. Take time to stop and realize what you have been given and ask yourself, am I doing what I am supposed to with it? Become the Target


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