If your thinking bout being my brotha it don’t matter if your…..


Have you ever wondered how it is that God doesn’t have any spoiled children? I mean when you look at what He promises His children and what He actually does for His children why aren’t we all spoiled brats? I’m not sure I have the end all answer to this question but at least one of them is timing. God always provides exactly when we need it, not necessarily when we want it. The key to God over abundance is it only comes when the time is truly right and you realize just how much you needed his help and how much more than you ever needed he actually gave you. The even cooler thing is He’ll do that for anybody. It’s hard to be spoiled when everyone has the same thing you do. God does not favor one person more than another. Really the only limitation on what God will do for people are the one’s they put on Him. In our teens its hard sometimes to realize why our parent’s don’t get us the latest cell phones, the newest fashions, or the coolest cars. It’s even harder when we go to school and it seems like a majority of the people we are around DO have those things. So we look at things comparatively and think “Their parents love them more because they got them an iPhone 6S and 3 different colors of Sparry’s.” What happens is those kids start to think that instead of their parents blessing them, there parents OWE them those things, and then they start to think that EVERYONE owes them things. That leads to entitlement instead of work and that attitude only brings destruction. Everyone knows the kid at school that has all the latest junk but doesn’t appreciate any of it because he’s never had to earn it. God not only wants you to be blessed beyond what you can imagine, he also wants to give you the blessing of being able to enjoy what he has done for you. Oddly enough most of your parents want the same thing. Become the Target.


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