I will glorify.


Have you ever stopped to really think about global warming. Basically the idea is that the behavior of men can fundamentally change systems that God himself designed and put into motion. Put in simpler terms, man can change God’s creation. When its phrased that way it seems incredibly arrogant. There is another phrase that seems extremely arrogant to me and that is, “God I give you all my glory.” Stay with me. II Corinthians 3 says that glory comes from God. There is nothing I can do to add to or take away from the glory and honor of God. Any glory and honor we may have comes directly from God. So who am I to think that I can do something so great as to create something that comes from God? Take that a step further, how arrogant does a person have to be to take something God has given them, and give it BACK to God saying, “Look I made this for you.” “But Rob the bible also says I should glorify God, how exactly am I supposed to do this?” Well random, non-existent person I’m glad you asked. The way I see it is, the way I give glory to God is by acting like Him. Confused? I can understand that so let me explain. If I choose to take a situation I am in a respond in the way I think God would respond, instead of the way I would respond, people will see that and wonder why that happened. If one of those people should happen to ask me, “Why didn’t you punch him right in his face,” I have the opportunity to say, “Well witness, I just responded the way I thought God would.” In that moment I have just diverted any praise I may get directly to God, who I let act through me. If you want to glorify and honor God you can’t do it by saying “God I honor and glorify you.” To honor and glorify God you have to act, and you have to act like He would. As the song says “words are not enough.” Become the Target


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