The Olympics are on right now and I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen at least a little of it.  One of the things I enjoy watching most are the swimming events. It’s really intense to realize that the difference between Gold, Silver, and Bronze are only hundredths of a second. Do you understand how quick that actually is. Snap your fingers, the sound it made was one-one-hundredth (.001) of a second. In fact if you snapped twice in a row that wouldn’t be .002 of a second it would be .003 because the silence between the snaps is actually .001. A sneeze actually lasts longer than .001. When I realize that some of the margins of success in these events are at most .007 I realize just how important the little things are. Having your hand just a little off can be the difference between a medal and a broken dream. One more or one less kick could change the outcome. One small decision could change absolutely everything. And so it is with salvation. In the grand scheme of things baptism is a relatively small decision but the implications of it are immeasurable. When you realize everything that changes, its mind blowing. The instant you accept the offered salvation all your sins are forgiven, and take that step, you have access to grace that you can’t understand or explain, and you are given a helper in making those decisions that keep your relationship with God whole. I dare say that Michael Phelps doesn’t understand the physics of why turning his hand one way or the other changes how fast he can swim. I doubt he can explain why a little rubber cap changes his heads ability to go smoothly through the water. Or that he understands why dolphin kicks work the way they do. What he does understand is that they come together to work for the whole. That’s all you need to understand to be ready to make that decision. All you need to know is that baptism does work, is part of the whole of salvation, and that it’s something you want. This decision that takes less that a fraction of a second is the difference between streets of gold, and eternal loss. Become the Target


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