You’re the Best Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep ya down!


During this Olympics I heard several stories on TV that I had never heard about the Olympics before. Before I tell you about what I heard I have to tell you what I have always heard about what the Olympics are. Its everyone sending the best people from their country to represent them in athletic events. Now with that understanding I want to tell you about Olympic Village. During the Olympics all the athletes are segregated from the rest of the world in a space always called Olympic Village. Its where they eat, sleep, and hang out during the times they aren’t competing. From all reports Olympic Village is basically a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact when the athletes return to the village after competing they are greeted by buckets with condoms in it. A report written by a former Olympian said that especially in the last few days its impossible to walk through the village without seeing people have sex right out in the open and people being drunk. So if we have sent the best people from all our countries, and this is what happens when you put them in the same place, does that mean that is the best you can expect? In a word yes. But then I think about our little “Olympic Village” called camp. Several congregations send the best they have to offer, the teens, to spend a week cut off from the world. You know what I see when I look around at camp? Smiles, joy, love, peace. Do we get irritated with each other? Yes. Are there people there we don’t necessarily like? Yes. But when we all get together I think we see the best of what OUR nation has to offer, and I don’t mean America. It always amazes me the things I see at camp and just how awesome it is to be a part of this wonderful family. I love watching you show each other just what it means to truly be the best in the world. As disappointed as I was to find out about Olympic Village, I am even more proud of the fact that every year I get to watch you lot compete in the Oglethorp Olympics and truly show me champions! Become the Target.


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