It’s all a matter of perspective


One day a woman locked her keys inside the car, so she stopped and prayed. “Dear God please send me some one to help me get into my car.” Moments later a very well dressed, kind faced man came along and asked her if she needed help, so she stopped and prayed. “Dear God thank you for answering my prayer.” They got a coat hanger and the man worked for quite a long time unsuccessfully. Eventually he informed her that he was sorry but that he had to leave. So the woman prayed again, “Dear God, please send me someone to help me get into my car.” Moments later a biker with a long scraggly beard, arms covered in tattoos, and a scary scowl came up and asked her what was wrong. She explained that she had locked her keys in the car and they had tried to get into the car with a hanger and still couldn’t do it. The man walked over to the car, pulled the hanger out, rebent it, and with in a matter of second had the car unlocked. She stared in amazement, “How did you do that so fast?” He replied, “Well ma’am I just got out of jail today for grand theft auto.” The woman stopped right there and prayed, “Dear God, thank you SO much for sending a professional!”
Life is all about perspective. Lots of things shape your perspective like the books you read or the music you listen to. All these things help to shape how you see the world. If all you ever read are books written by people that think like you do or only talk with people that are like you, you will never see everything the God has put here for you to see. Not long ago my father in law rode into town on his Harley and came straight to church. There he was in his leathers and dirty from the road and he got quite a few sideways looks. That very next Sunday I asked him to lead singing in worship, and he was treated quite differently, the only thing that had changed was his clothes.
Don’t just seek out things that are comfortable, or familiar. Seek out different points of view. It will open your eyes to just how great our God is. Become the Target.


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