So I claim you unremembered woahoohoah


Last Sunday night I worshiped with my parents at Baker Heights church of Christ in Abilene. Possibly because I have a slight case of ADD, I noticed something hanging from the baptistery. Growing up there was always a screen behind the podium that we you had to pull the screen down with this fancy stick with kind of hook on it. This is what I noticed hanging from the baptistery. The reason it stuck out to me is that they have had a mechanical screen, like ours, for about 4 years now. I bet that most people don’t even notice it because it has always been there. And THAT made me think even more. How often do we approach our relationship with God like that? We don’t really pay all that much attention to it cause it’s always been there. Or do we approach our study like that? We read his word but we never look for anything new in it because if the words on the page have never changed how can what it says change? The problem is that’s not faith or study, that’s routine. God doesn’t want to be just another part of your routine, He wants a relationship with you. That means paying attention to Him. That means listening when he talks to you. It means not hearing what you think he is saying but being active in the conversation and hearing what he’s ACTUALLY saying. Don’t let your faith hang from the baptistery and become useless and overlooked. Become the Target.


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