If you keep up with football you know that for the past few weeks we have had replacement refs. Even if you don’t keep up with football enough people have been complaining about Sunday’s “touchception” that it’s probably popped up in your Facebook feed. Most people are upset because its not fair. The whole point of the referees is to enforce the rules that were set up to keep the game fair. I’m sure you’ve never complained about things being unfair (I wish there was a universal font for sarcasm), but I did. Every time I would say it isn’t fair my dad would reply, “If life was fair, I would have been up on that cross instead of Jesus.” That beats life’s not fair any day. The problem with fair is, it doesn’t exist. At least not where humans are concerned. For us fair is a matter of opinion or perspective. What is fair to me may not be fair to you. When we say we want things to be fair we are really saying that we don’t want some one to have an advantage over us. The truth is the only person who can truly be fair is God, and that’s because he doesn’t have opinions or a different perspective. What God thinks and the way God sees things is how they are. “For God does not show favoritism. Romans 2:11” If we spend our lives screaming for fairness we get dictators, kings, and oppression. If we can find a way to trust the king we already have, and believe that he is fair whether we like it or not, I believe that true peace is possible. Because just like fairness, peace is a matter of perspective. If you believe that peace is everyone getting along, or the absence of war, there will never be peace on this earth. True peace is knowing that God is true, just, and fair, and that if we will just trust Him, everything will work out for the best. As long as man seeks his own fairness and peace there will always be “wars and rumors of wars. Matthew 24:6” True peace and fairness only come from God’s will. Become the Target!


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