The Bald Ultimatum


For some reason cancer has really been pushed in my face recently. No I don’t have it but man it’s all around me. A good man working to spread the love of Christ is in hospice care soon to graduate. (By the way he’s handling it like a rock star).

At church there is a very kind sweet man living with it. He’s gone through his chemo and it stopped growing, but the tumor is still there.

My uncle on my dad’s side is recovering from having a section of his intestines removed due to cancer. He will spend the rest of his life with a colostomy due to a tumor.

My uncle on my mom’s side is currently fighting an aggressive brain tumor. He’s been going through chemo and radiation for the last few months.

Add into that the grandfather I lost to leukemia, my great grandmother getting breast cancer at 81 (she beat it after a mastectomy), and a grand mother dying of lung cancer, and cancer has beat the crap out of my family.

And then there is my Aunt Gwen. 5 years ago she went through cancer for a second time. When she had to go through chemo again a bunch of us shaved our heads to show our support of her. I decided for myself that until she could grow hair again, I would keep my head shaved. In fact I remember distinctly a time in her kitchen when she kicked me and said “Why don’t you grow hair.” I responded with, “I will when you do.” We’ll this time cancer beat her.

My Aunt Gwen was one of the strongest women I have ever known. She always carried herself with such dignity and well earned honor, being the wife of a soldier, missionary, and minister. And I watched cancer take that from her. And to be honest it pissed me off (sorry for the mild language but “made me angry” doesn’t cover it).

So I decided that until they figure out how to cure cancer I will keep my head shaved. As long as there is one person who has to suffer the indignity of losing there hair to chemo, I will go through it with them.

You see it’s all well and good to wear pink and voice support, but what does that cost you? What exactly did you have to give up to support the cause?

Now you can’t go through the pain an nausea that chemo brings on but you can go without hair. I know it’s a lot to ask but think about the 10 year old little girl who doesn’t have a choice. Her options are to bald or die. I’m not saying go without hair. Go through what the go through, and to buy a wig. Feel how itchy and hot it gets and when it gets too hot to wear, realize that most girls will have to remove there wife because sweating will cause them to seep the chemo and burn their skin.

For the month of November many guys go without shaving to raise awareness for prostate cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month, the cancer that took my Aunt Gwen. Mostly we buy a bunch of pink stuff (rarely checking to see how much of your money is going to cancer research.) How about instead for the month of October we all go without hair. I’m not saying shave your eyebrows and eyelashes just your head. For one month share the feeling. All of it Off October.


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