Looks like the joke’s on you!


What is the devil’s favorite spice? Sin o’men. I know, I know that was a terrible joke (I also know that Brian laughed anyway), but have you ever stopped to consider where your sense of humor came from? All our emotions and feelings came from God and His design, and since we are made in His image I believe that we got our sense of humor from Him. So have you ever stopped to think what God might find funny? Is he like me and can’t stop laughing when some one gets drilled with an exercise ball? Do dizzy animals make him laugh so hard his stomach hurts? Did He double over listening to Abbot and Costello doing “Who’s on First?” What about movies like The Hangover, would he find that funny? Would he laugh hysterically at Bridesmaids? Would He watch Borat, Bruno, The Dictator? Would South Park be on his DVR? I don’t ask this to make you feel about what you watch or what you find funny, but I’m not sorry if you are. I think sometimes we laugh not because we think something is funny, but because something is so in appropriate that it makes us uncomfortable, and we aren’t sure what to do with that discomfort. There really are two ways to respond to that discomfort, laugh or offense, and of the two laughing is the easiest. Laughing doesn’t require any action of us. Being offended requires us to turn it off and not get the jokes people are making at school. Being offended means we have to leave the theater  possibly leaving our friends behind. We all have different senses of humor. While what I find funny might not be funny to you, I suggest we all look at why we are laughing. Are we laughing because its actually funny or because we are so uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable think about why, and then figure out what the right action would be. That which you tolerate you encourage. Do not encourage cheap “humor.” Become the Target.


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