So it turns out I’m not as hard as I thought


I would never be able to make it on the streets. I know this comes at no surprise to most of you but it has never been more clear to me than it is today. I was homeless for 2 days, and I couldn’t take it. Now I know a lot of you think that homeless means people like John who sleeps on our steps, but that’s not entirely true. While it does include people like that, homeless also means people who have to live in a hotel, their car, or other people’s houses. Homeless doesn’t mean that you don’t have a place to stay it simply means you don’t have a permanent residence. I spent 2 days without a permanent residence and it was terrible. I was staying in a relatively nice hotel but on that second night it felt like a bad vacation. All I wanted to do was go “home” but I didn’t have one to go to. My living room, kitchen, and bedroom were all one room. You know what I missed most? A couch, isn’t that weird. I wanted a place that wasn’t my bed to sit and relax and be comfortable, a place to rest. And then I thought of this , “20 Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head,” Matthew 8:20. For three years Jesus was homeless. I thought I understood that verse but now I feel that verse. He wasn’t just saying what was required to follow him where ever he went, he was also saying how much he wanted to be home. The worst thing was he didn’t have one. I think sometimes we get so focused on the cross as Christ’s great suffering, but to some extent it might have been a relief. He was going home, finally. Not to say that the cross wasn’t terrible, that would be ridiculous, but having experienced 2 days of homelessness, I can only imagine the longing for home he must have felt. For me, Jesus suffered homelessness. When I was homeless I missed a couch, I wonder what Jesus missed considering home to him was heaven. Become the Target.


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