Story of My Life


I recently downloaded two albums I should have had a long time ago, The Best of the Violent Femmes and The Best of Social Distortion. I was introduced to these two bands by a roommate I had in college and it got me thinking, people always tell you that your college years are the best years of your life. If that’s true then life looks pretty bleak to me. When I was in college I spent just about all 5 years crazy as a loon. I spent a ton of time in chat rooms on the computer and when I wasn’t doing that I was doing my best to try and be one of the cool people on campus. I did just about everything I could do to not just fit in but be some one looked to as popular. Pair that with the fact that I had an undiagnosed chemical imbalance and as I look back on it I was a complete nut job. I always wonder what people who knew me in college would think if they knew me now. I remember one time there was a girl I was sure I was in love with and I sat outside her apartment till like 3 in the morning trying to get her to come talk to me. At the time it seemed completely sane, looking back I’m surprised she didn’t call the cops. 

Now with all that said, the bright spot of my college years was the friends I made. I had the absolute best friends you could have ever asked for, in fact that’s just about all I miss from my college years. I had a group of friends that stayed my friends even though I was completely nuts. We had weekly bible studies (it was really like 3 or 4 a week but only 1 of them was just us) that I always left encourage, challenged, and blessed. These people are still some of my best friends and I don’t see them near enough. Four of them even drove from Oklahoma to Oregon to be at my wedding (One even got to walk in on my father in law in the bathroom).

The best part of your past is the people you meet and interact with. Your friends, your REAL friends, are going to be the people who grow with you AND accept you as you are even when you are completely NUTS. My college friends friends were the best friends I ever had.

I say all that to say this, the best time of your life should be the moment you are in. At this point right now you are the most developed and mature you have ever been. Right now you are smarter than you have ever been, and you know more about yourself than you ever have. Right now you are the best person you have ever been. Praise God that you are not the person you were yesterday and that tomorrow you will better than you were today. Praise God for the friends he put in your past that carried over to your present. Praise God for the ones that didn’t but impacted your life. 



One thought on “Story of My Life

  1. Billy

    I can completely echo your sentiments about college. You WERE crazy as a loon! But hey, no more than any one else. The years I was fortuate enough to be your friend and to room with you were a bright spot for me as well. Hope you’re still playing guitar!

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