More Human Than Human (Or…More than Human…just go with it)


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthinas 5:17

I am not human. I know for those who read this this is merely a confirmation of suspicions. I am not a human being. The problem for me is, I USED to be human and so sometimes I still behave like one. It never turns out well for me because what I am doesn’t function well doing human things.

It is common thought that Christianity is a religion. But it isn’t and even some of my people are under the impression that Christianity is their religion. But everything I’ve read about my people says that this isn’t merely a religion. Christianity isn’t a religion its a species.

On the surface I can understand it being written off as Rob just being silly or idealistic but if you really think about this, its kind of a game changer. “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit,” John 3:6. I think for too long we have written this off as allegory, but nothing else he said in the passage was allegorical so why would this be. The problem is that my species has an irregular gestational period inside a human and when born it doesn’t really alter tangibly. My species while here still looks like a human, still sounds like one, and at times still behaves like one.

I am awash in scripture right now that confirms my belief to the point of being overwhelmed. Because of this I’m having a hard time deciding what to put in here to try and show you what a lifetime of study has brought me to (Colossians 2; Romans 7, Romans 8, I Corinthians 15, Pretty much all of Galatians, Ephesians 6). Rather than explain how I got there I want to explain to you what this means, at least to me.

IF you can accept the fact that when you are born into the Christian species, then everything we are told in the New Testament stops being a list of rules to follow to please God. We try so hard to do the right thing to please God, to make sure that we don’t sin because it offends God. To be honest the reason we try not to sin is because we don’t want divine punishment for it. When you can accept that you are no longer a human, the words of the first of our species aren’t rules they are instructions. Realize that our species didn’t exist until Jesus raised from the dead. Because we are not creatures of instinct, and because in our gestation period we may have gotten used to being human, its hard for us to know what we are supposed to be doing as Christians. So most of the time we are trying to behave like Christians from a human perspective and it doesn’t work.

God isn’t pleased by following a religion. Christ didn’t die so that we could be forgiven when we violate some principle of a religion. What pleases God is a relationship with him. Flesh and spirit cannot have a relationship. They exist on two different planes of reality. For right now we have to exist in this plane so that we can help as many of our brothers and sisters be born as possible and so we have to have a body to be here. But make no mistake this is just a suit, I am not the flesh I wear. I am a son of God, and as they say in Pokemon, this isn’t even my final form!

So what we were left by our older brothers were instructions on how to function as a child of deity in a plane of reality we weren’t made for. We made a word for when we act human and we called it sin. Sin interferes with our relationship with our father. But over 2000 years ago Dad made provision for us so that all those mistakes don’t HAVE to stay in the way.

So how does this change the game? We have got to stop trying to participate in a religion, which is purely human, and stop trying to not make mistakes to avoid divine punishment. We are called to live differently because we are NOT HUMAN. If you choose to merely follow the rules of what you read in scripture and not understand the principles behind them, then you can get pretty good at practicing a religion. The danger in this is, religion will not save you. When this physical world ends the only way to make it out alive is to become a new species. Something that is not limited to this physical plane. There is no salvation in religion. God does not want your religion He wants a relationship.

Flesh and Spirit cannot have a relationship, so to fix that he gave us the opportunity to become like him, Spirit. What pleases God are not drones that do as they are told, blind obedience is not what He asks for. What He wants is for His children to behave as spirit beings do. Not because it makes Him happy, but because when we behave otherwise it causes us pain and God doesn’t want to see us in pain. Sinning doesn’t cause God pain, watching you experience pain as a result of living contrary to design, THAT causes God pain. That’s why He had our older brothers write down the instructions, so that we wouldn’t have to hurt unnecessarily.

If you have been born by the Spirit (which the meaning of that is a topic for a different post) you are not a human. Christianity is not a lifestyle or a religion, it is a species. God only asks that you start acting like it.


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