I don’t know how many unique followers I have that I don’t share with Abby but this is too good of a story not to share. I dare say in a very few short years there will be preachers using this in their sermons. I am continually amazed by this woman. Please read and enjoy!

My Essential Life

There has existed, in the annals of time, a section of Africa near the mountains of Zimbabwe, that has housed a creature of such shock and horror that the people there have refused, over multiple generations, to speak its name. And none now live who can recall to memory it’s despicable deeds.


Except me.


A long time ago there existed a village nestled snugly in a small valley. The people of this village kept the floors clean, their water unspoiled, and the children protected from wild beasts. They were a happy village, existing day-to-day in a state of peace and community, each sharing what they had with their neighbor.


One day a woman, in need of one more scoop of corn, came to her neighbor and asked to borrow from her supply. The neighbor woman said she would gladly loan the other woman some corn as long as she…

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