Honey I Shrunk The God


Recently I have heard people say things like, “Let’s lift God up,” or, “Lets put God in the most high place.” I’ve heard this several times and the questions, how exactly did God fall out of the most high place, and just how strong are you that you can lift God?

I think that this might stem from and underestimation of who God is and an overestimation of our importance. First God’s position in this world is not dependent on me nor contingent on the amount of praise I give him. He IS the ruler of everything regardless of how I regard him. To think otherwise is foolishness and to further thing that he needs us to put him back in the place he belongs is nothing short of the deepest and most sincere arrogance. Worse than that its highly dangerous.

The god that I can move and that needs my praise is a small ineffectual god. If he requires my esteem to reside in the place he belongs he is a weak god. In fact at god that needs me for anything at all is false and powerless. None of these descriptions fit the world creator and destroyer that I read about in the Bible.

There is a disturbing pattern in our selfish and self centered society of shrinking God down to something along the lines of Dobby the house elf. Though a creature of immense power God is forever hobbled to indentured servitude because He needs us to give Him the sock of our praise to set Him free. Why would anyone want to serve a God that impotent?

You know there is even the prevailing attitude that Christ lived a perfect life for us? Some of you probably even think that. Well I hate to break it to you that’s not true. He did not live a perfect life for us, he lived a perfect life because that was who he was. Do we benefit from that? You bet your sweet bippy we do, but its pure rotten arrogance to think that it happened because of us.

I cannot gift God with honor, I am in serious debt to Him when in comes to honor. In fact any honor I may happen to have was a loan from Him. I have created nothing in this world that would make me WORTHY of honor and yet I have the gaul to come into His throne room and say things like, “I want and I need.” I don’t make humble requests of a being so terribly powerful He could create light with a word and could end my life with a thought. No come before Him with gentle demands and false humility. That friends and family is dangerous.

Recently my wife was reading in the book of Ecclesisastes and found a verse I had never seen before, “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong. (Ecclesiastes 5:1 NIV). If that doesn’t convict you then I suggest you reexamine your heart. “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God.” One of the other things I have witnessed is a rush into the throne room of God without any thought of what you are doing. I have heard men in front of thousands approach God flippantly and laxidasically. How many of you would run into the office of the president and say “Hey I want you to make sure that Betty Jo Godlymom gets good doctors. Ok thanks for being a powerful president, k bye.” You just wouldn’t do that and yet its becoming common practice to cooly slide into the throne room of God after a message has been given. There have even been a few times i couldn’t tell that a sermon had ended and a prayer started. Shouldn’t our talking with God be distinguishable from our talking to man?
I think maybe it comes from a desire to be familiar with God. God wants us to be familiar with Him, not what we want Him to be. We want God to be the loving father figure that answers his child’s every whim and desire. We want Him to be the gentle shepherd who speaks to us softly and is slightly amused at our errant ways. The problem is while those might be aspects of His personality that is not who He is in His entirety. If thats the only side of God we serve then we don’t serve God at all. What we serve is an imaginary God that is everything we want and ask him to be, and more correctly we worship ourselves and call it God.

Please understand that God is not small nor is He powerless nor does He need you at all. Next time you pray read the description of just exactly what you are walking into when you come before The God in Revelation 4. Then think about if you really want to stand before Him and say things like I want and I need and I lift you up. You are insignificant in the realm God lives in. “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong.”


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